Acoustic panel 242

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The GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustic Panel is a professionally constructed velocity absorber with a rigid core and is broadband in nature – meaning they deal with the entire frequency range. 242 Acoustic Panels are made with a two-frame system allowing sound to be absorbed from the sides while maintaining a crisp, sharp edge.

The 242 Acoustic Panel has a built-in air gap which not only increases low end absorption, but allows the panel to hang truly flush on the wall using an integrated wire on the back. Other acoustic panels are constructed as mere fabric wrapped over rigid fiberglass or a wooden frame which does not allow the proper space between the absorption materials and the wall and makes it nearly impossible to truly flush-mount.

The 242 Acoustic Panel is ideal when used in combination with other GIK Acoustics products. We recommend mounting GIK Acoustics Bass Traps in each corner and other low-end trouble spots. The 242 Acoustic Panel can be mounted at the primary and secondary reflection points on the walls and as a cloud on the ceiling. This combination is an effective way to fine-tune a room.


  • standard size: 24.25” x 48.25” x 3.5”
  • weight: 9 lbs (each)
  • can be custom sized to fit your specifications
  • easy wall and ceiling installation using wire integrated in the back like a picture frame
  • optional built-in Scatter Plate for an even balance of absorption, diffusion, and scattering
  • free standing options available with metal stands or boom stand brackets (boom stand not included)
  • easy to install on ceiling with optional Cloud Mounting Bracket©
  • available in 9 standard, quality GIK Acoustics fabric colors
  • additional Guilford of Maine fabric choices available
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